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Date of Born: September 28, 1980, Havana, Cuba


Haydée started the musical studies at the age of 6 in the School of Music Manuel Saumell of Havana; here she began the specialty of Piano and later continued with the Chorale Direction. She got her degree in the specialty of theoretical-musical subject in the School of Music Manuel Saumell. Later she improved her studies of traditional harmony with the Master Pedro Jústiz Peruchín (junior).


In 1999 she recorded her first song in the CD Canto al abuelo (A song for grandpa) of Pablo Milanés (1990).

From 1999 and on she is part of the Ernán López-Nussa’s Quarter. In 2000, Along with the quarter, Haydée takes part with in the Heineken Festival of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The CD From Havana to Rio (Velas) was recorded on that occasion and happened to be the winner of the Cubadisco prize. In this event participated the Master Tata Güines in conjunction with other great musicians from Cuba and Brazil.


  • Haydée (Emi Music Record Label, 2004)
    It was composed, arranged and produced by Descemer Bueno. The CD also counted on the colaboration of Amhed Barroso (junior), Roberto Carcassés and other important musicians of Cuba, USA and Africa. The special guest of the CD was Kelvis Ochoa (Habana Abierta group).
  • Haydée Milanés en vivo (Live Haydée Milanes) (Haydée Milanés, 2008)
    It collects the concert offered at concert hall “Covarrubias” of the National Theater of Cuba in 2006. Here she shares the stage with Santiago Feliú, Aldo López Gavilán, David Torrens, Suylén y Lynn Milanés, among others.
  • A la felicidad(To the happiness) (Haydée Milanés, 2010)
    She makes her debut as a composer, arranger and producer in this CD. The album includes unpublished songs. It has also the participation of special guests: Omara Portuondo, José Luis Cortés “El Tosco”, Pablo Milanés, Pedro Aznar, Roberto Hernández “Robertón” (Van Van), Harold López- Nussa, among others.
  • CD/ DVD Haydée Milanés en el Chaplin (Haydée Milanés sings in Chaplin Movie Theater) (Colibrí Record Label, 2012)
    This CD gathers chosen themes of a show carried out at Charles Chaplin Movie Theater in Havana; here she sang successes of her repertoire and the Cuban traditional song book. Her special guests were Pablo Milanés, Francis del Río, Beatrix López (Tesis de Menta), and the group “Interactivo”, among others.
  • Palabras. Haydée Milanés canta a Marta Valdés (Words. Haydée Milanés sings for Martha Valdés) (Bis Music Record Label, 2014)
    This CD is an anthology that includes a significant part of the work of this outstanding Cuban singer-songwriter of the 20th century. It was arranged and produced by Haydée Milanés. Important musicians took part in this CD such as: Enrique Plá and Jorge Reyes, both of them former members of the band Irakere, among others.


  • concert hall “Covarrubias”, National Theater of Cuba, Havana, 2002
  • Casa de las Américas, Havana, Cuba, 2003
  • The opening of two concerts of Julieta Venegas in the Metropolitan Theater, DF, Mexico, 2004
  • Movie Theater “23 y 12”, Havana, Cuba, 2005
  • “La mar de músicas” Festival, Cartagena, Spain, 2005
  • The Jazz International Festival of San Sebastián, Spain, 2005
  • Concert hall “Sol”, Madrid, Spain, 2005
  • Jazz Zinc Bar Club, New York, USA, 2006
  • The Living room, New York, USA, 2006
  • Concert hall “S.O.BS”, New York, USA, 2006
  • Participation as a special guest in a tour of Pablo Milanés, Spain, 2006
  • Participation as a special guest in a tour of Pedro Aznar, Chile, 2007
  • Theater, Fine Art Museum, Havana, Cuba, 2007
  • Seco, Tokyo, Japan, in the presentation of the Project “the Women are beautiful”, 2008
  • The back room, where she worked along with Fito Páez and Hilda Lizarazu, 2008
  • National tour in theaters of the fourteen provinces of Cuba, 2009
  • Lara Theater, Havana Culture Festival, Madrid, Spain, 2009
  • Participation in the Humanitarian Project “Arriba mi gente”. In that moment she shares the stage with Pedro Guerra and Keko Jungue, Chile, 2010
  • The Latin Festival, Sao Paulo y Paraty, Brazil, 2010
  • Jazz café, San José, Costa Rica, 2011
  • The Chamber Music Festival Leo Brouwer, Mella Theater, Havana, Cuba, 2014
  • Concert “Palabras”, Concert hall “Avellaneda”, National Theater of Cuba, Havana, Cuba, 2015. This show had the special participation of Marta Valdés, Pablo Milanés, Jorge Reyes, Enrique Plá, Yaroldi Abreu, Ernán Lopez-Nussa and Roberto García, among others.
  • Haydée has also colaborated with Chico Buarque, Luiz Melodía, Carmen París, Beatriz Márquez, José Seves y Horacio Salinas (Inti illimani), Luis Felipe Gama y Ana Luiza, Yusa, Diana Fuentes, Isaac Delgado, Giraldo Piloto (Klimax), Adalberto Álvarez, and others.


  • Cool cool filing, produced by Roberto Carcassés (Ahora Corporation/CD Caramba, Tokyo Japan, 2003)
  • Art bembé, from the duet Gema and Pável (Conspiradores House/Peer Music Spain, 2003)
  • Cuba 21 (EMI MUSIC MEXICO, 2004)
  • Breathing Havana (Omagatoki CO.LTD, Japan, 2006)
  • Women are beautiful, produced by Roberto Carcassés in 2008
  • Ellas cantan bolero(They, the women sing to the Bolero) (EGREM Company, 2011)
  • La Habana canta a Sabina, produced by Imanol Ortiz (Sony Music Record Label, 2011)


  • Tres veces dos, short movie of Léster Hamlet, Cuba, 2003
  • La noche de los inocentes, full-lengh film of Arturo Soto, Cuba, 2006
  • En el cuerpo equivocado, documentary of Marilyn Solaya, Cuba, 2010
  • Al día siguiente, short movie of Enrique Álvarez, Cuba, 2010